Welcome to MYRRH PHOTOGRAPHY, based in Worcester, Western Cape. My name is Marizanne McGregor – the owner and photographer behind Myrrh Photography. I offer warm-hearted images specialising in weddings, lifestyle and still life photography.

So a little bit about me… I am a nature conservationist at heart and I have a career in environmental management. I have, however, always loved photography. In contrast to the strict boundaries often set by environmental legislation, photography allows me to be creative. Not wanting to give up either of these passions, I decided to pursue both!

So between that, gardening on sunny days and being a wife and mom to a wonderful supportive husband and our beautiful baby boy, you’ll find me with a cup of coffee, exploring the wonderful world of photography, browsing the web for new ideas, tutorials and inspiration.

Marizanne McGregor

My heart literally skips a beat at the sight of pretty pictures, great use of light and intimate moments between loved ones. I regard myself extremely lucky for being able to capture these. And like the fragrant herb, myrrh, I wish to spread love and beauty through my photography – all for the Love of Light.